Now, many people are very tired and unhappy. In fact, as long as people live in this world, they will have a lot of troubles. Pain or happiness depends on your heart. A man is not a strong one who conquers pain, but a weak one who succumbs to it. No matter how heavy the burden is, it's also a burden to laugh and cry. No matter how bad the life is, it's a victory. There are a lot of troubles and pains that are easy to solve. As long as you are willing to change your perspective and attitude, you will have another scene. Therefore, when we encounter suffering and setbacks, we may as well regard temporary difficulties as the darkness before dawn. As long as we observe and think with a positive attitude, we will find that the facts are far from as bad as we think. Look at it from another angle, the world will be more beautiful! The happiness of life is entirely determined by one's views on people, things and things. Your attitude determines the height of your life. If you think you are poor and hopeless, your life will be spent in poverty; if you think poverty can be changed, you will face it actively and actively. Mentality determines our life. What kind of mentality we have, what kind of life we have. Facing the troubles and frustrations of life, the most important thing is to straighten out your mind and face everything actively. No matter how hard or tired you are, keep smiling. Smile, your life will be better!